Locomotion 12

April 15, 2017 - East Ridge, TN

Running path at Camp Jordan.

144 Challenge

Think your relay team is fast? Can your team keep a 5 minute a mile pace for 12 hours? If so, you could win the 144 Challenge!

The first relay team to complete 144 miles during the course of the 12 hour race will win a cash prize of $1,000.

Each year $500 is added to the 144 Challenge prize. If the 144 Challenge is not awarded this year, the cash prize amount from this year will be added to next year's prize. This rollover process will continue until a team completes 144 miles in less than 12 hours.

5 Minute Miles?

Think the race directors are crazy? 5 minute miles for 12 hours?

Well, it won't be a challenge if it was easy. In the end, it's all about strategy. How many people should be on your team (you can have between two and twelve members in the 12 hour race)? How often do you rotate through team members? Do you rotate through all twelve members and then start over, or do you rotate through a couple of runners and then bring out a new couple of runners after a few hours?

In the end the strategy is up to your team. You just have to follow the same rules as all teams: Team members may run in whatever order and with whatever frequency the team chooses. Teams may only have one member on the course at a time. For a lap to count the same team member must start and finish the lap.

And who knows, in a few years when the prize money starts adding up, maybe the dream team will show up.