Locomotion 12

April 14, 2018 - Hixson, TN

Gravel path at Greenway Farm.

A 12 & 6 hour run/walk

Wondering what is this all about? What's a 6 or 12 hour race?

Runners and walkers have 6 or 12 hours to complete a 1.75 mile lap as many times as they can. Racers can participate on an individual basis or on a relay team. Relay teams will compete in six different categories, including corporate, non-profit, running club, public service, and open.

You don't have to be a crazy ultra-runner to participate. Want to run or walk for just an hour? Grab some friends and form a relay team. How you divide up the 6 or 12 hours between team members is your choice. As long as you can complete a 1.75 mile lap you can participate!

Or maybe you're ready to challenge yourself and see how far you can go. Sign up as a solo runner, than take each 2 mile lap one at a time. With 6 or 12 hours to run and walk, you might surprise yourself by how many laps you can finish.

Whether you compete on a relay team or as a soloist, whether you walk one lap or run 30 laps, come out, have fun, and enjoy a day of running and walking with a bunch of friends (and crazies).